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In a spiraling tough South African economy, the loyalty reward programme industry is fierce. The average South African belongs to 6 loyalty programmes at any given time. infiltrating this market with something new would be a challenge.



In a spiraling tough South African economy, the loyalty reward programme industry is fierce. The Health & Beauty sector makes the most impressive strides. Shell absolutely struck gold withstanding a long-term partnership with Clicks for three years. In August 2019, we hit a sudden stumbling block with a surprise ending to this partnership. We needed to come up with a robust framework that will encourage consumers to stay with Shell.


Loyalty programmes shouldn’t be a complicated norm that isn’t worth it. The key here was establishing relevance in order to retain interest and memorability. As such, our launch strategy focused on making signing up to our new and improved loyalty programme stronger with relevant surprises and delights made by and for South Africans during the festive period.

This was a time period where many South Africans were winding down after a busy year. As such, we waited and planned for their holiday peak with a single-minded strategy of Getting reward seekers and holidaymakers TO fetch and use our new V+ loyalty cards during the festive holiday period BY establishing “Delightfully Easy” as the synonymous association with V+

Big Idea: “Delightfully Easy”, Delight – For – You (MADE) Easy!

We decided to speak up at a time where South Africans had a universal priority shift to the holiday period and needed relief from the stressful rush of preparing for their December break.

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With a KPI of retaining over a million customers by December 2020, we managed to sign up that total for our V+ loyalty programme in half the time.

Since the inception of V+ in December 2019, Shell has well over a million registered cards which have resulted in more than 1 billion litres of fuel purchased. The incentives during this period to both the public and Shell staff contributed to a higher Loyalty penetration of 56% in 2020 compared to the 2019 Loyalty Partnership (44% penetration in 2019).

We outperformed our digital KPIs with CTRs at 4% and social engagement rates of 0.9%

Awards won by this campaign: Shell Internal – Business Partner of the Year

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