Four steps to measuring digital sports sponsorship effectiveness

This month has been exciting on the sporting front and begs the question of how do the brands surrounding these events know that it is working for them. Below we explore how you should measure your digital sports sponsorships through 4 key areas to evaluate effectiveness.

Drive awareness

The primary aim of sports sponsorship is to drive awareness of the brand. You want to ensure you’ve reached your desired target audience. This means monitoring traffic to all your digital assets (such as view, visits, etc) and the Cost per Impression to evaluate effectiveness.

View engagement

The next step is to measure whether your audience engaged with your brand sponsorships. This depends on your activation for example, for influencers you apply this to the post engagements or for online posts you can look at the average engagement rate per post to identify which content resonated the most.

Go beyond

If the brand efforts have made their mark, fans will want to engage on various platforms, which includes post-event. You’ll need to evaluate the brand mentions in association with event (before, during and after) as well as the sentiment of those mentions/

Deliver growth

If fans consider the brand fitting to their lifestyle, they would want to be part of the brand on the platforms they most frequent, which means growing your following across social channels and your newsletter (if applicable) but ultimately a positive ROI through revenue lift evaluation and/or top of mind metrics will show effectiveness.

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