MediaCom’s Global Connected Pitching 2020

Connected pitching

In November, MediaCom launched a brand-new programme called Global Connected Pitching

125 markets from around the globe had the chance to enhance their new business skills and take part in a simulated media pitch. Using real ‘pitch’ scenarios, the teams responded to bespoke global client briefs and were judged by the company’s most senior leaders.

The aim of this programme was clear: new business is and always has been the energy in MediaCom’s culture but it’s our people who win pitches. The ambition was to create a huge at-scale learning opportunity for everyone, build excitement in markets and ultimately have some fun!

In a year that delivered so many obstacles to the way we work, we wanted to upskill our people and celebrate what makes our agency great: People First.

Global Connected Pitching in action

The initiative: involved one central team, 500 participants, four regions, six briefs, 53 local leads, 120 judges, 200 hours of learning and 51 big ideas. Each region held their own ‘pitch week’ and local leadership identified the regional winner. All regional winners then went through to a final stage, where they pitched to our Global Exco, who selected the overall winner. So, who better to talk us through the whole experience than the members of our global winners – Team McMedia from LATAM!

What was your highlight from Global Connected Pitching 2020?

‘The way we were able to connect people from different places and build a team in no time, which would have been harder if we were not a true network. It was a super fun experience.’

Luisa Gallo

‘For me it was a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience. Working with talented people from the region and the culturally different contributions each of us was able to make was great!’

Marco Perez

‘The challenges at first were many: time, roles, organisation and even chemistry but we managed to focus on the end result and were able to overcome them.’

Monica Gutierrez

What is your advice on how to present a killer pitch?

‘Trying to be also creative at the time of presenting your story, having total clarity about the problem, context and the solution you’re bringing.’

Luisa Gallo

‘Get integrated as a team. You could have a great solution or content, but if the client does not perceive you as a solid team/agency, then you’re not likely to convince them that you’re the right partner for them.’

Manuel De La Torre

How would you summarise your experience?

‘It was super fun to work with my team! We connected from the humour even if we didn’t know each other before. Not taking ourselves very seriously all the time was essential to build the right team chemistry, as no part is greater than the whole.’

Florencia Fazzini

‘It was an investment in our own professional development, as we learnt about how to run a pitch while at the same time gaining exposure to regional and global audiences.’

Antonela Seveso

The results

In a year when many are feeling disconnected, demotivated and isolated, Global Connected Pitching was about people, connection, and creating a chance to have a positive and collaborative experience. We have dug deep, re-evaluated the way we connect with each other and have created innovative new ways to collaborate, stay creative and harness the power of our network.

Our network is now even closer after working with people from other countries that we might never have met before. Our ‘judges’ seemed to have enjoyed themselves too:

‘I have to say today was a good day at MediaCom, it was a privilege to be involved. So much effort and work went into it. I really enjoyed it and loved connecting people within regions and offices. It is 100% what we are trying to build.’

Nick Lawson
Global CEO

‘It was one of those days when MediaCom is at its best, and I am so proud to work here.'

Sue Unerman
Chief Transformation Officer

The big lesson from the event is that creating learning, opportunities for growth and putting people and connections at the heart of what we do is what is most important for our business.

We go into 20201 with a true appreciation of what ‘People First’ really means, and what a great network of people we have.

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