MediaCom rates as South Africa's Top Agency in Comvergence rankings

A methodical focus on creating consumer connections by driving relevant, revolutionised digital products saw MediaCom SA climb from 4th to first place in 4 years.

CO Mvergence image

After assessing 3,582 media account moves and retentions across 46 countries, COMvergence has named MediaCom as the number one new business agency for 2020.

This honour applies to both MediaCom Global and MediaCom South Africa, who has had an extremely successful year despite the challenges and ever-changing landscape brought on by the pandemic. Prioritising a purposeful talent strategy to realise this big-picture goal was crucial, explains MediaCom SA CEO Ashish Williams, as he shares how talent and technology paved the way to success – despite a pandemic.

Big thinking and Big achievements

With the announcement of COMvergence’s rankings, MediaCom SA’s vision has been transformed into a reality. In a 2017 interview, Ashish shared this bold vision: to make MediaCom the number one media agency in South Africa.

As an analytical thinker, he had a clear strategy of how MediaCom SA was going to realise this media industry milestone. Building on the existing foundation of innovative solutions and client-centric results, a two-pronged approach was identified that would focus on the company’s most valued assets: talent and best-in-class technologies.

Although this may seem like a straightforward strategy, the one cannot function without the other. It is this symbiotic relationship that has not only secured the number one spot for MediaCom in the COMvergence study, but also recently saw the company being placed at the top of the R3 Worldwide’s new business rankings and named Adweek’s Global Media Agency of the Year for 2021.