MediaCom launches MediaCom Creative Systems

New division will use data to bring media and creative back together, boosting growth for clients.


MediaCom is launching MediaCom Creative Systems, bringing together media with data and tech-enabled creativity to drive brand relevance and accelerate growth for its clients. Following a successful launch in the US and Australia, Creative Systems is being rolled out globally across the entire MediaCom network.

As part of the network’s new ‘Seeing the Bigger Picture’ proposition, the launch includes a suite of new data-driven creative products, including Addressable Creative, which will dramatically improve media performance by integrating addressable creative with addressable media, and Creative Analytics. This new tool uses AI to understand which ads work and which don’t and will take best practice learnings from those that do to make client communications plans work better.

The agency is also launching MediaCom Play, a new full-service gaming practice which will advise clients on how best to invest and execute in the fastest growing entertainment genre in the world. It will have regional hubs in New York, London and Shanghai.

We have entered a new era of creativity, where relevance sits at the heart of every CEO and CMO’s growth ambitions. But to drive relevance requires different ways of working and a transformed combination of creative solutions. The creative potential of the data and insights available to media agencies is ground-breaking, but it is largely untapped due to the divide that still too often exists between media and creative. Creative Systems bridges this gap to help accelerate the creative transformation of our client's brands and businesses.

Stef Calcraft
MediaCom’s Global CEO, Creative Transformation

Creative Systems expands the range of creative products and services previously offered by MediaCom’s award-winning MediaCom Beyond Advertising division, including Media Partnerships, Influencer Marketing, SEO and Sports & Entertainment, and will make them available in more markets around the world.

This unified approach to media and creativity is integrated with MediaCom’s client leadership teams and the agency’s Systems Planning approach to ensure maximum marketing effectiveness for the network’s clients. It builds on its existing, highly collaborative relationships with its creative agency partners, both within WPP and beyond, to ensure the full potential of media and creative integration is realised. The Creative Systems launch delivers on GroupM’s vision ‘to make advertising work better for people’ and WPP’s Creative Transformation Purpose.

Joining Calcraft in the Creative Systems global leadership team will be a number of experienced leaders who are expanding their existing remits: Jane Ratcliffe (Global Managing Director), Nick Palmer (Global Head of Product), Misha Sher (Global Head of Sport, Entertainment & Culture), Anush Prabhu (Global CSO) and Benjamin Vendramin (Global CCO). Both Anush and Benjamin will perform their roles alongside their MediaCom US responsibilities.

Creative Systems will also benefit from WPP and GroupM’s data, technology and content capabilities and has built close working relationships with Motion Content Group, the industry leader in premium entertainment and long-form programming, Hogarth Worldwide and Greenhouse Group, the industry’s leading data-driven creative production companies.

Seeing the Bigger Picture means spotting the opportunities and the need for new approaches to drive our clients’ communications more powerfully. MediaCom Creative Systems turns the data that we all talk about into an opportunity that enhances messaging relevance and effectiveness. People don’t see the difference between media and creative, they just respond to brilliant ideas that work for them.

Nick Lawson
Global CEO of MediaCom

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