Trends from 2019 Digital Content Newfronts

Going into this year’s Digital Content NewFronts, I was eager to see how the changing lineup would effect the industry’s outlook on the year (if at all). Prominent names were absent from the 2019 list, notably Group Nine, who opted for a regional roadshow; Refinery29, CNN/Turner, and ESPN (where were all the sports?!). But where these old-timers were missed, we also saw some new faces with Ellen Digital Group, Target and Walmart’s Vudu. Although Facebook did not participate, they showcased their Premium Video offerings in hopes of securing upfront video buys via Facebook Marketing Events.

So with all of these options, how do we know what to prioritize?

As we make our way through 2019 and look to 2020, my opinion is, why run from all the choices? Embrace it. Our focus needs to be on growing desirable audiences and creating ways to engage them across an array of media choices, so advertisers need to think holistically – something presenters at this year’s NewFronts were acutely aware of.

The NewFronts are an opportunity to bring together brands, agencies and digital content producers to learn about the biggest and best options today for advertisers. The focus should be about innovation, imagination and the multiplicity of marketing opportunities at a time when the most coveted audiences continue to flock to digital.

We have assembled this report as a showing of this year’s offerings, and some of the top trends for advertisers.

TLDR: With the NewFronts, it’s more about the buzz than the buy. And that’s the way it should be.

Download MediaCom’s Digital Content NewFronts Trends for 2019 here.

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