Media facts you should have at your fingertips right now

Media facts you should have at your fingertips right now

In a fast-changing world, it is important to observe trends and data to stay one step ahead. We outline six key opportunities for marketers.

1) Global nostalgia in video content

As producers work within COVID-related constraints and consumers look for reminders of better times, nostalgia TV is making a big comeback on linear and IPTV platforms.

It’s not just TV. In Turkey, music from decades past is striking a particularly strong chord, with a 54% increase in listeners making nostalgic-themed playlists, as well as an uptick in the share of listening to music from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s (with ’50s music listening increasing the most).

2) The post-lockdown evolution of France

As France cautiously emerges from this phase of the pandemic, consumer sentiment is at an all-time high for national/regional brands (30% preference for buying French, 28% in region).

France’s strong culture has evolved under constraints: refining the concept of home delivery food with luxury meals at home, accompanied by sommelier recommendation, or changing the way to experience cultural institutions as 10 million enjoyed a virtual visit to the Louvre in just 71 days.

3) Technology adoption accelerating across the globe in markets that previously were lagging behind

In Romania, for example, people have adjusted rapidly to the ‘new normal’ with significant changes in tech usage in all aspects of their lives, including a huge jump in contactless payments (up 40% according to Mastercard).

Globally, TikTok enjoyed the most downloads of a social media app ever (315m in Q1) and this is reflected in the impact it’s had in Romania, hitting 3.7m users (up from just 1m last year).

4) Canada tentatively plans the return of NHL

After cancelling the traditional upfronts, broadcasters will be holding virtual presentations to share the latest information about their programming lineups and multiplatform advertising opportunities for the 2020/21 broadcast season.

They will also be hoping for the return of Canada’s great sporting (and viewing) passion; hockey. The season, paused on March 12th, hopes to come back with a revamped format where 24 qualifying teams (instead of 16) would go straight into the playoffs.

5) eCommerce live-streaming becomes a must for leading Chinese enterprises

There has been a steep a rise in ‘eCommerce livestreaming’ which optimises consumers’ online shopping experience through 3D product display and timely interaction, making the online shopping consumer experience similar to offline shopping.

A trend that has been highly observed across China on short video and even offline-to-offline service platforms means brands can make use of their existing traffic resource to offer a new experience for consumers whose offline activities are inhibited during the epidemic. This function strongly connects product selection with purchase, shortening the consumption path as well as giving consumers the sense of “being involved”.

6) Ad-supported OTT services are proliferating alongside SVOD services

Nearly one-third of time spent with streaming video goes towards Netflix — but the remaining majority of time spent is split among services that are either totally or partially ad-supported

Among US TV households, streaming accounted for about 23% of TV consumption overall in the final week of March, up from 19% in Q4 2019, according to Nielsen data cited in a Bitmovin webinar. Of that, Netflix accounted for nearly one-third (33%) of all streaming TV consumption in the US, followed by YouTube (19%), and Hulu (12%), with 29% taking place in the long tail.

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