The Intersection of Gaming and Entertainment with ThinkLA

At a breakfast event held at the Skirball Center in LA, ThinkLA invited industry experts together to discuss the multi-billion-dollar industry of gaming - including mobile games, triple-A titles, and the rapid emergence of esports.

Many of us remember the days of the Atari 2600, when you could come home and fire up 8-bit adventures, and even invite a friend over to play games like Excitebike or Pong. However, few people back then could have imagined the massive industry videogames would become in just 40 years.

Tuesday, October 15, MediaCom LA Executive Director Mark Egan joined other leaders in the video game advertising and influencing space at ThinkLA’s Gaming Breakfast to discuss the evolution of the gaming industry and its recent explosion into other spaces.

Egan drove home how the gaming industry is growing and reaching more consumers than any other entertainment industry. But it’s the gamers themselves that have grown into an interactive, high-impact consumer-base, with the capacity to impact more than just gaming.

With overlapping audiences and an ever-growing list of platforms to serve, Egan looks forward to the drastically undervalued area of advertising and cross-brand collaboration. “[There is] so much cultural traction in the non-endemic space because there is just so much potential to reach new audiences there,” Egan said in response to what the panel is most looking forward to in the future of gaming. In a follow-up, he explained that “there should be more turnkey opportunities to do more turnkey media and multi-platform opportunities.”

Consumers of gaming content and products are passionate about their interests, even beyond gaming; they are interactive with the gaming brands they follow as well as non-gaming brands, and they are much more likely to make entertainment recommendations to friends and family.

There is no denying the fact that gaming is evolving fast. With the development of more easily accessible gaming platforms (mobile and social gaming) as well as the increased popularity of “console-agnostic” games, such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and PUBG, the gaming industry has become a $139BB industry and continues to grow each year, outpacing other popular entertainment sectors. Becoming an opportunity and a challenge that many will seek to and need to conquer.

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