Radio Ink’s 2017 Hispanic Radio Conference

The Hispanic Radio Conference is an annual event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, presented by Radio INK. The conference brings together leaders in the Hispanic radio community and experts in Hispanic advertising and media for a comprehensive overview of opportunities and strategies within this rapidly transforming sector.

Thomas Hawing, a Supervisor on MediaCom’s fast growing Multicultural team was invited to participate in the panel “A View from the Top: Hispanic Advertising Agency Forecast,” alongside Isabella Sanchez, VP Media Integration, Zubi Advertising and Jason Bailey, CEO, Sun Broadcast Group. The panel invited participants to offer their perspectives on Hispanic Radio and what is needed to grow and enhance its marketing partnerships with clients.

Thomas shared some of the trends seen on the general market side of radio and expanded on how they apply to Hispanic Radio, programmatic radio buying, digital streaming and successful radio campaigns. “I had the opportunity to share information about what I have worked on in the past and what I personally like to see in packages that potential partners create for our clients.”

“One panel I found extremely interesting featured a panelist from Nielsen. Some of the most important items for us to include in a plan are audience information, ratings and performance metrics which Nielsen is helping to provide not only for Hispanic Radio, but on the general market side as well. Nielsen recently acquired Gracenote, which provides music, video & sports metadata and automatic content recognition. This acquisition will allow them to provide information and insights into what users are listening to in their cars and on their phones. They are also making the investment to increase its Hispanic sample size by 10% across every single market, and perhaps most importantly, they are beginning to create a PPM measuring system that is not as cumbersome as before, and more attractive than the one that their current panelists use.”

One theme at the conference was terrestrial radio adapting to cater to the Hispanic Millennial “Hispanic Millennials over index on digital streaming and mobile media consumption. While digital media has forced traditional media outlets to change relatively quickly, every answer provided by a station owner seemed to come back to their own app that broadcasts what is playing on their own stations; Univision has the Uforia app, Spanish Broadcast System (SBS) has the La Musica app, iHeart has the iHeart Radio app.”
When asked what Thomas took away from this experience, he provided this insight, “We on the agency side need to speak with potential partners outside of happy hours and parties. We are all busy, but if we cannot take 10 minutes out of our day to teach potential partners more about our clients, about what they like and what they don’t like, are we really acting in our client’s best interests? Also, that we can all use a good dose of vitamin D!”

Thomas was also featured in the Radio Advertising Bureau’s Radio on Main Street Podcast.

Annette Malave, who leads RAB’s Insights team and its multicultural efforts,  talks to Thomas about the nuances of reaching multicultural radio listeners.  Thomas  recalls some of the successes that he has experienced and touches on the importance of good marketing partnerships.

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