Our Culture

When someone walks through our doors, with our funky architecture, bursts of color and open plan, their first thought is: this doesn't look like a media agency. But what makes us really special goes way deeper than that.  We hire people who want to design and deliver experiences, not media choices. We make sure our people have the tools and training to take their skills to the next level.   We remember to have fun, whether to celebrate a win or just because (this is advertising, isn't it?).


Our people define us, and having the best people in the industry is what makes us great.

That’s why our cultural ethos is “People first” – a guiding philosophy that’s been deep-rooted in the agency since 1986 when MediaCom was established. It’s the reason our global leadership team have some of the longest tenure within any media agency, averaging 20 years. It’s also the reason we’ve doubled in size over the last six years to be 6,500 people strong across 125 offices in 100 markets around the world.

Our “People first” philosophy also guides our internal career development initiatives, where we commit to giving our employees a career, not a job. We invest in each person by offering them a tailored and comprehensive development program that includes 360° annual appraisals, an online learning hub, global relocation opportunities,and a diligent succession policy where we strive to always promote and fulfil new roles from within.

The capability and motivation of our employees is what moves our business – and our clients’ businesses – forward. Thanks to their dedication, we are proud to be the No. 1 global media agency in the RECMA 2015 mainstay Network Diagnostics Report.


We live and breathe a global set of behaviors that makes us One MediaCom.

At MediaCom, we have a global set of behaviors that are reflective of what it means to be a Systems Thinker. These behaviors also ensure we act as One MediaCom, rather than siloed geographies, to deliver on our systems thinking approach. Our four global behaviors are universally owned, nurtured and shared by all offices around the network. They are articulated as a One MediaCom manifesto, empowering our employees to reach their full potential.

  • Know It- Dedicate ourselves to mastering our own craft, while having a passion for learning from others
  • Push It- Be brave to explore beyond “good enough” and strive to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary
  • Share It- Believe that when we share and receive ideas openly, it enriches everyone around us
  • Do It- Take responsibility for our work and take action to succeed together

To attract and retain the best systems thinkers in the industry, our behaviors inform how we hire, review, reward and – of course – have fun. We bring our systems thinking behaviors to life every day in every office around the world through a program of real initiatives that cultivates a creative and inspiring culture.


The MediaCom Behaviors Award is given to a deserving employee every month who exhibits all four of our behaviors showing us that s/he really KNOWS IT, PUSHES IT, SHARES IT and DOES IT!

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