Debbie Kemp, Chief People Officer at MediaCom US Discusses Diversity in a Roundtable with Voray

Debbie Kemp, Chief People Officer at MediaCom US Discusses Diversity in a Roundtable with Voray

Debbie Kemp, Chief People Officer at MediaCom US sat down with Voray and others to discuss “Revamping Diversity and Inclusion at Your Organization”. The roundtable included Moderator David Olk, Gladys Chen, Chief People Officer at Fairstead, and Heath Salit, former VP of Human Resources at Macy’s. 

Below are some of the key findings that came out of the discussion:  

  • Prioritizing diversity and inclusion: After this summer’s Black Lives Matter protests, it was important for organizations to “hit reset” on their DE&I strategies, irrespective of what they were doing previously. This involves not only creating novel DE&I objectives, restructuring KPIs for 2020, and moving forward, but also having crucial conversations about diversity of experiences and backgrounds with the entire organization.  


  • Old VS new hiring strategies: It seems like most organizations were more focused on gender diversity rather than racial diversity. Now, the focus has shifted to make sure the company is ethnically diverse. Some new strategies include diversifying the pipeline of candidates by working with local community colleges and universities for instance. To help with this process, having a diverse panel to interview the candidates would be the best place to show diversity at the interview stage.  


  • Ultimately, It is also important for the leadership team to reflect this diversity by promoting internal mobility. Redefining “success”: While the majority of organizations encourage a growth mindset by running educational programs on how to combat biases, designing strategies and KPIs, turning these programs into action is what truly makes the difference. These strategies include implementing equitable talent development systems, 360° feedback, and building a sense of community between employees.   


  • We live in a world now where company success should be measured by more than just financial metrics, these diversity KPIs can be specific percentages and numbers of candidates or new hires that are from different backgrounds. Importance of transparency: Transparency inspires true change and helps show the organization’s level of authenticity.  


  • Some companies have decided to not only start sharing with their employees their diversity numbers but also compare them to the industry average, with the ultimate objective to be able to monthly report these numbers to the employees and externally on a quarterly basis. Effectively empowering employees:  


  • As many employees are nervous to engage in conversations related to DE&I, it is important to empower them to speak up about racism and discrimination and use their voices to make an impact. An effective way to do so would be to allow them to have these conversations in smaller groups, as they would feel more comfortable over time and can participate in larger discussions in the future. It is also crucial to have these discussions with the leadership team and make sure they understand the importance of DE&I by constantly reviewing what could be done better in that sense and how the diversity metrics can be improved.  

 Watch the full video here.   

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