Camp MediaCom brought summer camp to kids of all ages

Camp MediaCom brought summer camp to kids of all ages

This summer, MediaCom US came to the aid of working parents within the organization by creating Camp MediaCom. With 62% of summer camps forced to shut down due to the Coronavirus, the ‘People First’ agency created a virtual summer came for the children of MediaCom employees.

Camp MediaCom provided activities, games and classes for children of all ages to connect through different forms of art and skill-building. The program ran from August 4th till August 27th with three classes a week taught by six volunteers across the agency. Classes consisted of fitness, music, art, meditation, magic and creative writing. For older children there were classes on how to interview and network as well as MediaCom 101 featuring MediaCom leaders.

The program provided an opportunity to give MediaCom working parents a break in the summer routine by providing free, fun and educational entertainment for their children while allowing MediaCom volunteers the opportunity to share their knowledge and creativity with a younger generation.

MediaCom is the only agency in the US to earn a place on the 2020 Diversity Best Practice Inclusion Index
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