BLINK 2020: The People Issue

BLINK 2020: The People Issue

MediaCom launches new issue of BLINK magazine

Disruption is driven by people. New technologies come and go, but the ones that disrupt our businesses are those that consumers choose to adopt.

Which is why our new BLINK focusses on understanding the wants and needs of people: people who consume goods and services; people leading brands; and agency people who work behind the scenes to achieve better results for their clients.

Brand Stories

Hear from the likes of eBay and American Airlines. What do they know about their consumers? What are they learning from disrupter brands?

Thought Leadership

Plus, read here about why great communications thinking happens at the intersection of technology, data and creativity, or what the new rules are that retail brands would be wise to adopt in 2020.

You can read the digital version of the magazine here.

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