MediaCom helps Ally Bank bring Monopoly to life

MediaCom helps Ally Bank bring Monopoly to life

Ally Bank’s ‘Monopoly’ campaign drives up customer experience with financial education using a familiar board game.

Monopoly, the legendary board game that has been a staple in many family’s lives has come to life in six U.S. cities through an augmented reality experience thanks to Ally Bank. The concept of this game was shaped after Ally Bank analyzed new research showing that games can be useful tools in improving financial literacy and learning money concepts.

“Ally + Monopoly is part of our ongoing strategy to make the ‘money talk’ less intimidating, giving people the confidence to talk about saving and spending, making investments, buying a home, and how to recover if they have a financial stumble”, Andrea Brimmer – chief marketing and public relations officer of Ally.

From immersive pop-up experiences in Charlotte, N.C., Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, New York and Seattle, seeing oversized Monopoly tokens and property spaces create a real world, AR scavenger hunt to Twitter chats we were able to create a fun, informative engagement for customers with just using their smart phones.


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