Lauren Thermos is a B&C’s Top Strategist and Planner for 2017

Broadcasting & Cable's Top Strategists and Planners 2017

Lauren Thermos

Title: Account Director and Team Lead, MediaCom

College: Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia

Why advertising? “We studied Australian milk brand commercials in high-school media studies class,” Thermos said. “I became fascinated with how a story can be crafted to deliver a message and connect with a target audience. I think I was hooked from that point on.” She went on to major in media and communications, with a minor in marketing and sociology at college.

First job: One of my university internships turned into my first job at a small full-service agency in Melbourne called Furphy Media. That’s when I started to connect all the dots from creative inception all the way through to media strategy, planning and implementation.”

Recent interesting campaign: Thermos is helping new client Whole Foods Market drive same-store sales and introduce its first national loyalty program. “As the account lead for Whole Foods Market, one of MediaCom’s newest clients, we are very focused on driving foot traffic to stores. It’s been fascinating and very gratifying for the team to be able to marry the right content to a media plan that would effectively move both core and occasional shoppers through to purchase,” she said.

Favorite TV show: Master of None on Netflix. “Aziz Ansari has a wonderful way of presenting social and cultural issues in a way that allows all kinds of people to take a look at how they think and what they believe,” Thermos said.

Favorite gadget:“Although it’s not ‘new,’ I’ve only recently fell in love with a Kindle,” she said. “I love to read, and it was absolutely miraculous on a recent trip to Europe.”

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Originally posted by Broadcasting & Cable, July 24, 2017.

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