Walgreens Vaccine Readiness Model




People were hesitant about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, and the supply and geographical distribution of doses were unpredictable. We needed to: Build brand trust with Walgreens for the vaccine. Drive vaccine appointments. Deliver 30M COVID-19 shots in arms.

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People were scared, misinformation ran rampant, and reliable sources became paramount. Not only did we need to demonstrate leadership and commitment during the unfolding of a present-day health crisis, but we also needed to:

- Identify and reach those who were the most likely to accept receiving the vaccine.

- Meet the fluctuating demands for the vaccine – based on changes to individual mindsets and changes in COVID cases by area.


We created a Vaccine-Readiness Model allowing us to predict individuals most likely to want a COVID-19 vaccine a week before actually seeking one out.

By dynamically identifying and scoring prospects for vaccine readiness - regardless of their previous level of Walgreens engagement – we took into account the wide range of behavioral, cultural, and mindset factors affecting vaccine uptake across the U.S. ​

We identified the degree of vaccine readiness and vaccine hesitancy and created a model that allowed us to target not just the best prospects. But also, by linking our model to different messaging and the programmatic buying ecosystem, we moved people from ‘hesitant to have a vaccine’ to ‘ready to have a vaccine.’

We then layered store location information and pulled in audiences within the 5-mile radius of Walgreens stores, focusing our messaging on those most likely to make an appointment.


We integrated data insight, phenomenal modeling performance, and media message delivery via programmatic platforms to deliver an incredible result: millions of Americans now have protection against COVID-19, and we've done more than deliver on the objectives; we've undoubtedly saved lives as well. And that's the best result of all.


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