We created a DOOH contextual targeting solution, which enabled us to deliver personalised reach at scale to dog owners while overcoming GDPR and driving 29% incremental sales

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In 2020, dog treat brands re-entered the market in Croatia. The pressure on Pedigree, the market leader, intensified. We needed to put Pedigree Dentastix back out in front.

Pet owners were most engaged with their dogs when they were taking them for walks, but how do we reach them during these key moments and without breaking GDPR rules?

The Campaign

While the EU’s GDPR rules prevented us tracking people, there’s nothing in the rules about dogs! Our idea was to deliver personalised advertising through DOOH technology to target pet owners’ dogs. Once the dog had been spotted, the DOOH screen would show an ad for Pedigree Dentastix, becoming the first brand in the world to run a programmatic DOOH campaign based on dog detection.

We then added a creative optimisation solution to the mix to make sure that every dog could see a hound of a similar size to them on screen as well as an image of the most relevant treat.


13.5 second average viewing time by pet parents

34.4% lower cost per actively viewed ad

Increase in sales

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