Entertainment brand

Accelerating In-Housing agenda without Sacrificing Value


In order to help better prepare for in-housing now and future, BLINK Consultancy was asked to evolve specific areas of the in-housing agenda, working in partnership with MediaCom.


The Work

Our recommendations were framed around three areas, and delivered across two full day workshops (with a takeaway document): Model Development & Workflow, Platform Agnostic Guidance and Future-proofing and Evolution.

This helped support current in-house team, aligned with MediaCom for greatest value add, and provided the Entertainment brand with specific recs/ roadmap build a staffing/training regime for future


BLINK ran a two day in-housing workshop (following from a brand safety specific workshop) helped better identify areas of focus for in-housing, priorities and risks/benefits e.g. reporting across teams, better manage trading deal without rate loss impact, and future focus for team expansion.

This helped Entertainment brand transition North America, and with a view to leverage recommendations into the EMEA region following, leveraging BLINK recommendations for best practice.”

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