What’s surprised us so far in 2021?

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Specialists from MediaCom’s digital transformation division, BLINK Consulting, evaluate how 2021 has changed the marketing landscape and what you can do about it.

We’ve seen some defining marketing trends this year. Keeping an eye on the things that are changing (as well as those things staying the same) is essential for brands looking to leverage these opportunities.

Dannielle Beechey and James Neale from BLINK Consulting evaluates key areas from a year of disruption in both Innovation and eCommerce to highlight the ways brands can adapt:

Applied Innovation

This year, three things have stood out within the world of innovation. Brands are accelerating their innovation efforts by building their own in-house capabilities instead of relying on corporate accelerators and incubators so heavily. Silicon Valley is facing competition from other innovation hubs across the globe, accelerated by pandemic-induced remote working. And NFTs and the Metaverse, whilst opening up new and exciting opportunities for marketers, are sparking questions for the creative industry about fair compensation for creators and asset attribution.

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Integrated eCommerce

The 2020 season was an anomaly not only because of increased eCommerce traffic, but also because of a later-than-usual Prime Day that was postponed until October last year. This triggered the peak trading season early and forced brands to be aggressive with pricing. For 2021 brands should expect a smaller cyber timeframe. There will be higher eCommerce demand than was typical pre-COVID, as many shoppers have grown accustomed to the convenience of eCommerce. Here we give 5 reasons why brands should think about eCommerce expansion to marketplaces.

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BLINK Consulting helps clients shape their marketing capabilities and create digital experiences that meet the consumer needs of tomorrow​. Our specialist expertise in areas such as Innovation and eCommerce helps brands keep pace with a fast-changing landscape, consumer and purchasing behaviour to build the brands of the future.

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