Uwe Gutschow, Managing Partner and Head of Strategy at MediaCom recently spoke with Built in LA to discuss how MediaCom captures and leverages the voice of the consumer. He breaks down how both explicit and implicit VoCs play critical roles in shaping their clients’ brand strategies.

“Explicit VoC refers to actions taken by a customer: site visits, social media posts, search, purchase, etc. However, explicit behavior is merely an indication of the consumer’s implicit “voice.” Social media analysis and customer surveys explain how customers behave, while technology tracks why they make those choices. That information helps MediaCom strategize how their clients should engage with their audiences for the most meaningful connection.”

Uwe Gutschow’s strategy team at MediaCom is statistically motivated to push for more customer feedback and explore not only what customers say but also what they mean. The team uses electroencephalogram (EEG) technology and physiological indicators to track customers’ subconscious choices. Seeing which stimuli customers respond to helps MediaCom create more effective engagement strategies.

“If we understand the behaviors, but more importantly, the underlying emotions — then we can architect the right opportunities for our client’s brand to be an authentic part of people’s lives,” Gutschow said.

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