The Future of Commerce with Dell Technologies

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In the last 18 months, we’ve seen the boundaries between home, work, retail become thinner and thinner.

It was a year marked by accelerated growth in terms of connection, consumer behavior, and technology. Dell Technologies and MediaCom alike expected to change in 2020, but the speed at which change occurred, due to necessity, was awe-inspiring.

But for Dell Technologies even before COVID, there were many indicators as to how things would evolve. Therefore, they were well-positioned to progress their offering to meet the needs and trends of businesses and lead the way into this new digital-first world.

Below are a few trends in the eCommerce space discussed by Rachael Henke, Senior Director, Brand & B2B Campaigns at Dell Technologies and Charlie Fiordalis, Regional Managing Partner, MediaCom at the Brand Innovators, Future of Commerce day, and a sneak peek into how Dell Technologies is advancing the marketplace.

When COVID hit, most of the world paused, but for media and technology, everything accelerated.

As Charlie explained -- digital is constantly changing, which keeps us as marketers sharp and engaged. In 2019 MediaCom predicted that usage would go up for many key channels, like CTV, Social, Audio, and eSport. MediaCom saw that CTV would eventually be the primary source of advertising on TV. MediaCom and Dell also leaned into podcasts with the Dell Small Business Podcast.

However, during the height of COVID, something happened that no one saw coming -- TV rewound to the reach it had a few years ago (even if only briefly). Twitch tripled in size in one year. People started buying groceries online at record speed; 75% will never buy groceries in the store again. These were massive shifts in human behavior with digital platforms. And in many ways, Dell Technologies saw this change coming and are helping companies virtualize their workforces in this way.

Dell Technologies is evolving their technology to as-a-service, driven by the concept of paying for what you use instead of owning, through their new offering called APEX.

APEX is a service where you pay for what you use. As Rachael said, “it’s like a utility model for B2B, a technology subscription service model.” Research shows that in the near future over ½ of technology buyers will request and purchase via a subscription instead of owning and manning the technology themselves. Think of all the resources a data center takes up in a business; offering these capabilities as a service will save labor costs and avoid the headaches of managing infrastructure.

Conservation of resources and agility to scale are two of the many reasons businesses are moving to as-a-service-based approach. Say a business needs to increase storage fast. Formerly, this was a long process, weeks or months even, now it can happen overnight. As Rachael states, “with APEX, time can be spent running businesses instead of working with the technology to support them.” APEX was announced last month at Dell Technologies World and already has a lot of momentum with plans to extend across their technology portfolio.

As Rachael quoted, “We are in a time where we are shifting from businesses running at the speed of their technology, to technology running at the speed of business.” Many changes happened and are to come, and MediaCom and Dell Technologies are looking forward to working together to evolve and innovate with their customers.

You can watch the full discussion here

Event Reporting By Heidi Capnerhurst, MediaCom U.S.

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