Dell Technologies and MediaCom launching world’s first PodFerence™


Dell Technologies will host the world’s first PodFerence™, a podcast conference for small businesses.

The Dell Technologies PodFerence™ - a series of 15+ podcasts – come from a variety of relevant industries and hosts, all of whom will deliver custom episodes using their unique POV to provide advice and guidance to small business owners and entrepreneurs whose companies typically have less than 100 employees.

The concept was conceived and developed by MediaCom as a tent pole of the Dell Technologies Small Business Advisor campaign that centers around how Dell’s advisors help leaders find the right solutions for their business.

The Dell Technologies PodFerence™ will be supported by an integrated plan to help drive reach, awareness, and perception. In addition to the digital takeover of the app and custom playlists on Spotify and iTunes, a six-week podcast advertising buy will drive awareness among heavy podcast listeners while a six-week linear radio promotion will drive awareness of the Small Business audience beyond podcast listeners. A six-week social and digital marketing effort also will be aimed at SB owners and entrepreneurs.

Alongside developing and securing the audio partnerships, MediaCom was also responsible for the original podcast conference concept, and, developed all creative assets including the Microsite, Audio reads, and all digital and social assets. PodFerence™ was made possible through the podcast sponsorships that MediaCom helped secure through a partnership with Entercom/Cadence 13 and NPR.

“We knew we had a compelling concept as well as the capability to deliver a fully integrated solution – from talent procurement to media planning - but it takes working for a forward-thinking client like Dell who are willing to take risks and invest in order to bring these kinds of ideas to life“ said Benjamin Aronson, MediaCom’s Group Strategy Director for Dell.

The PodFerence™ can be accessed through the event website. Custom playlists will also be available via iTunes and Spotify, and there will be a digital takeover on the app

Podcasts will feature a variety of relevant experts and hosts, each delivering a custom episode aimed specifically at providing advice and guidance to small business owners and

entrepreneurs including, Against the Rules with Michael Lewis and Malcolm Gladwell, NPR’s How I Built This, Rise with Rachel Hollis, Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson and GM Shuffle with Michael Lombardi and Adnan Virk.

The Dell Technologies PodFerence™ launches May 1, 2020.

View the full schedule and topics here.

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