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Anush Prabhu, Chief Strategy Officer talks about MediaCom’s latest report, “Preparing the Paradox” for Ad Age’s ‘Ad Lib’ podcast


Anush Prabhu, Chief Strategy Officer MediaCom US, sits down with Judann Pollack executive editor of Ad Age for their “Ad Lib” podcast to discuss what opportunities currently exist for brands during these challenging times.

Anush discusses the recent report conducted by MediaCom “Preparing the Paradox” outlining the differences in how the pandemic is affecting consumer behavior. The 4 Paradoxes are:

  1. Personal Paradox – Fear of going out vs. You-only-live-once
  2. Social Paradox– Personal space vs. Uniting as a group
  3. Economic Paradox – Lavish spending vs. Conserving money carefully
  4. Technological Paradox – Nostalgia vs. Full digital integration

When asked about these new paradoxes and advice for brands in creating a new world, Anush had the following to say:

“It’s okay to have fun with your purpose, especially with where we are right now. Brands now need to start thinking in bits or local zones and how we can be more precise from a media perspective. From a paradox perspective, brands need to pick a lane. Find a place for yourself and find what wave you want to ride with people who have similar values”

Listen to the full episode of the Ad Lib’ podcast.

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