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Digital Marketing in Today’s Privacy-Conscious World

Data-driven marketing remains key for customer experience initiatives, but those efforts are being shaped—and limited—by consumer privacy concerns.

Ad blockers, private-browsing tools, virtual private networks (VPNs) and tools like Ghostery have been available for years to individuals wishing to limit the amount of information companies collect or track online. And while some take advantage of these tools (26.4% of US internet users will use an ad blocker this year), by and large, most consumers still go about their typical routines. But those routines are changing as browsers actively limit the flow of third-party cookies and ad tags. These restrictions are ‘already creating holes in audience targeting and tracking capabilities, pushing advertisers out of mobile web and into mobile app environments’

MediaCom’s Charlie Fiordalis, Managing Partner, contributed to eMarketer’s latest report on what companies need to know about GDPR, CCPA an other privacy changes over the next 12 months. Learn more.

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