What Does Cardi B Do To Her Nails To Tie Her Reeboks?

With a challenge of trying to shift perception and appeal to the 16-20 year olds, with smaller budgets than their Adidas friends, Reebok knew they needed to push the boundaries and take risks in order to make a huge impact, and that is what we set out to do…

On Monday night (22nd July 2019) you may have witnessed the launch of the new Reeboks TV advertisement featuring Cardi B. In the advert Cardi B is faced with the ultimate challenge; with one of her Reebok shoes unlaced, how does one tie their laces with a fierce length of nail whilst also having their hair done? Well who would have known that the simplest solution would be to just grow your nails and let them do the work.

Weird? You’ve got that right, but with the 60 second advertisement positioned as the first centre break, first in break position during Love Island, the one spot alone received 93 reactions on twitter within minutes! 

Working closely with Snapchat we were able to bring the weird and wonderful nails to life via launching a Lens at the same as the advertisement, which was equally as impactful as the video. Working with a tight budget, we didn’t let that stop us and being able to collaborate with our friends MediaCom Germany, allowed us to share the creation of the lens cost, so the same Lens was able to travel waters to be launched in Germany on Monday. 

But we’re not stopping there, running a close partnership with GUAP and Ladbible, MBA will lead a project to create content in the voice and tone of GUAP with their influencers while using Ladbible’s distribution platforms to drive mass reach. This is a true collaboration at its best and the start of many partnerships for Reebok to come. With this partnership going live from Friday 26th July, and the advertisement being shown in cinemas, VOD, programmatic and other social channels, this campaign is already oozing success for Reebok.  

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Watch the full video advertisement here

Special thanks to the team:

Tazz Stander – Senior Buyer

Chartlotte Kearney – AV Manager

Toby Biggins-Gilchrist – Senior Planner

Sadie Hollis – Paid Social Planner 

Alex Breese – Programmatic Optimiser 

Rachel Longman – TED Manager

John Beardsworth – Content Creator 

Candice Wilson – Associate Director

Tu A Nguyen – Production Manager

Laura Edwards – Partnerships Producer

Amy Ramsden – Media Manager

Simon Hunter – Associate Director

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