The Moment of Burn

Digital signals and mobile geolocations allowed us to get closer and more individually to the “point of burn.”


Around three quarters of H&I cases are triggered by food and/ or stress. We needed to get as close as possible to these trigger moments, and direct sufferers to relief at the moment of burn.

H&I often catches sufferers off guard so we needed to be present when it may strike, even though the consumers didn’t know themselves when that would be.


We looked at factors that play a role – and location proved a key indicator. We created a location-led strategy of right time, right place and right message at scale to reach potential sufferers when it mattered most to them.

We identified a range of trigger locations such as fast food restaurants, Indian restaurants and stressful locations such as train stations and estate agents. Using GPS data we worked with Blis Media to plot a places of interest and create a list of real-world locations to target. From this, we created segments of people whose device regularly visited these locations and therefore are at a higher risk.

Heartburn and Indigestion has a delayed onset – although it can strike at any time, it is most common shortly after eating, even if stress is the cause. Our campaign reached potential sufferers both in the moment, using OOH and mobile in proximity of these locations, but equally importantly retargeting them later with mobile when they were at home and researching information on symptoms and treatment.

Response data by location allowed us to further understand and optimise the campaign. For example, sufferers were more likely to respond at lunchtime than dinner.


  • Value sales for the featured Rennie products rose by an incredible +10.4%



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