Start of Season

Football fans are as tribal as it gets. If you live in Manchester and support Man U then seeing Man City score a goal makes you sick to the stomach & vice versa. So when Sky Sports launched the new football season, we only showed fans highlights for THEIR club! Purchase intent grew 40%.


The biggest football match of them all is between Sky vs BT.

This summer saw a football battle like never before with Champions League rights moving from Sky to competitor BT. However, Sky Sports is still the best place to watch domestic football. Our brief challenged us to prove it to the fans and to grow purchase intent for Sky Sports in the face of increasing competition from BT.


One fan’s English Premier League highlight is a lowlight for fans of every other team.

We knew how we could make this campaign bigger and better for all the football fans out there: make it personal. Different fans see the Premier League through different eyes. So based on Sky’s 23 years of huge historic moments, we created advertising that resonated with our audience in a truly personal way: their own Premier League ‘moments’ campaign. Personalised executions of the creative idea that were distributed with minimum wastage. If you’re a Manchester United Fan then you see the Man U execution. A Chelsea fan sees the Chelsea version. Using digital real-time data we planned to target fans across digital media (online, on mobile), out of home (relevant posters in relevant regions) and in press (relevant ads with relevant match coverage) so that the fans would see ads aimed specifically at them and them alone.

“This was the most challenging campaign we’d set ourselves in Sports, both in terms of wider competitor landscape and creative execution & delivery.”

Nick Hand, Sky Sports Marketing


Highlights packages for each fan that only showed THEIR team’s highlights.

We used an enormous range of data sources and websites to make sure fans only saw highlights for their team: favourite teams from Fantasy League; Ticketmaster data to identify fans who had booked twice or more for the same team; anyone who receives email from a club or team-specific fan club; club-specific blogs; team-specific pages on local & national news websites; targeting anyone who has searched for club news at least five times in the last month across MSN, Yahoo & Google; Club official & unofficial YouTube channels; using Unruly to target club-specific fan blogs; anyone following a specific team on the Sun Goals app; team specific pages / logins of football apps such as Squawka, Fanatix, Stats Zone 4-4-2 and club apps; people who follow teams on social media or mention them; mobile retargeting anyone who has been in proximity of stadiums at least three times in the last three months and finally mapping 3,617 different postcodes against 98 football clubs to locally target 8,292 large format panels.

We used this approach across every single media channel handpicking the right team creative based on titles, location, behaviour and context.


A dramatic shift in key brand metrics and significant growth in purchase intent.

We saw a 40% increase in Purchase intent.

Increased customer perceptions that Sky were the home of the Premier League by 26%.

Personalised ads saw engagement go up by +50% in social media, +23% in digital display and 30x greater on Sky Sports’ website when compared to generic targeting.

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