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Sorry not Sorry – Galaxy speak to the real woman

You may be familiar with Galaxy’s signature Audrey Hepburn television advert, or the very picturesque image of a woman tucking into a bar of Galaxy chocolate on a cold, rainy evening. Well…We’re scrapping this idealistic image.

In Galaxy’s latest brief we were challenged with showcasing real women, in place of the women you may have seen in Galaxy adverts to date. Galaxy subsequently carried out a research study and found that women have an average of 1 hour less per day to themselves than men do over their lifetime.

With this in mind, we needed to encourage women to take this hour back. The solution? Partner with Huffington Post and Acast to create a 4-part podcast series with a range of inspiring women on how they prioritise time for themselves, titled Sorry, Not Sorry.

We recruited BBC Radio host and all-round chatterbox Gemma Cairney to host the series with podcast guests including Alice Liveing (author and fitness/wellness advocate), Sarah Willingham (Dragon’s Den judge), Niomi Smart (lifestyle and fashion influencer) and Charlie Hedges (DJ and host of the Radio 1 Late Evening Show).

Each 30-minute episode delves into why ‘me time’ is so important and how prioritising time for each of our guests has allowed them to prosper. It’s all about prioritising you and being unapologetic about it.

To assist and promote the podcast (available on all popular podcast platforms, including iTunes, Spotify and Acast), we sponsored Huffington Post’s ‘Women’ section with display assets promoting the new Galaxy ‘Darker’ collection. As well as this, we launched a supporting Huffington Post advertorial to accompany each episode, bringing the impact of the podcast into an advertorial arena too.

To spread the word in the audio space, we partnered with Acast to sponsor two huge podcasts – Ctrl, Alt, Delete and The Emma Guns Show – with a combined booked reach of 180,000 impressions. These authentic, natural reads have been seamlessly integrated into each podcast to help drive buzz around Sorry, Not Sorry. We’ve also created a 30” and 60” show trailer which is being seeded across hundreds of podcasts across the Women/Lifestyle/Millennial verticals (gaining over 3 million impressions).

The podcast was also featured as Apple’s ‘New & Noteworthy’. This is an incredible exposure for the series, especially as Apple historically haven’t always included branded podcasts on this list.

“The partnership with MediaCom, Verizon/Huffington Post and Acast has allowed us to enter the world of podcasts, a new and exciting arena for Galaxy®. Armed with this partnership, we were able to recruit an inspirational group of women along with BBC Radio host Gemma Cairney to discuss how to prioritise you and how to feel unapologetic about it. The results speak for themselves, as we’ve outperformed benchmarks and our guarantees across the podcast itself as well as the Huffington Post Women sponsorship and Acast sponsorships. We’ve been able to put the Galaxy® name against uplifting podcast content, along with supporting editorial and audio promotion across hundreds of podcasts to create a truly integrated partnership.” – Galaxy

All 4 episodes are now live. So what are you waiting for? Stream Sorry, Not Sorry across all your favourite podcast platforms now


Special thanks to the team:

Joseph Bridle, MBA Partnerships Planner
Daisy Ross, Associate Director
Anna Townhouse, Planning Manager
Amy Hardy, Content Lead
Luke Bennett, Connect Manager
Cecilia Adjei-Sarpong, Media Planner
Dominic Falquero, Media Manager
Rose Addison, Associate Director

This is the perfect example of how various MediaCom teams pulled together to create something truly special. The teams included in this project are Planning, MBA Partnerships and Real World Insight.

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