Lucozade Zero x Love Island
Factor Zero

How Lucozade Zero used Instagram to combat the Love Island noise…

Standing out amongst not one, not two, but nine partners of Love Island was a challenge for Lucozade Zero. So, we went beyond the ITV ecosystem, taking our content-led campaign to the channels where the real Love Island conversation was happening.

Our 2018 strategy as Love Island sponsor adopted a traditional TV partnership approach to build awareness, but 2019 was about taking this further, driving engagement whilst we did it. By filling the gap between First Look (the Love Island preview show, sponsored by Lucozade Zero) and the main evening show, we were able to satisfy a lunchtime thirst for Love Island content.

First, we reached out to @sidemanallday – presenter and comedian with an impressive 260,000 followers – who rose to fame in 2018 with his viral Love Island review content. This year’s partnership created 49 Love Island review episodes (aptly named Factor Zero), all in his comic tone. The content reached over 6.4 million users, delivering astonishing engagement with followers returning to Sideman’s page daily for the content.

To support, we managed micro-influencer activity. Influencers created content for Lucozade Zero which communicated the Love Island x Zero partnership; a staggering 54 pieces of Love Island-esque content were published, all pointing towards Sideman’s content!

Finally – reactive gifting, and the premise was simple. We identified 10 influencers who were joining the Love Island conversation and sent them a suitcase filled with Love Island themed, Lucozade Zero branded gifts. The influencers went on the share their deliveries with their followers, driving incremental reach and creating an extra 29 pieces of content.

“Love Island creates a huge buzz every year, so to help Lucozade Zero leverage the hype themselves was an exciting opportunity. In creating audience-first content, Lucozade connected with their audience in a refreshing way, working seamlessly with MediaCom and Sideman himself to ensure content was as authentic as possible. To create a content series featuring no less than 49 episodes was no mean feat, but we’re so pleased with how our audience enjoyed and engaged with the series. Not only did we outperform industry benchmarks, watchers were returning (and chasing for) content daily!” – Michael Carter, Senior Producer, MBA at MediaCom

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