Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably? Canesten helped to normalise the conversation around vaginal health.


Issues regarding the vagina are still regarded as taboo, with some women suffering in silence for years. All of this, even though a huge majority of women will suffer from a vaginal conditional at some point in their life, with thrush being the most common – affecting 3 in 4. Canesten is the most popular solution for thrush, but there is a range of other intimate health conditions that few people know about, let alone know how to treat, including dryness, hygiene and bacterial vaginosis (BV) – affecting 1 in 3 women.


Our online survey showed that that 92% of men and women don’t feel they know enough about intimate health. They see online as a private environment that they can confide in to find out more – there are over 500,000 condition related searches every month.

Canesten had created a bank of information online to help educate women around broader intimate health conditions but it had no visibility with organic share of search at only 4%.

To drive growth for Canesten, and traffic to the website, we needed to raise the profile of the issue and empower more women to take control of their intimate health.

We set up a series of initiatives that would help women overcome the embarrassment of talking about their vagina. Each created engaging digital content to improve Canesten’s organic search ranking.

  • We ran an intimate and educational all day workshop called Get Comfortable for 15 bloggers, which included the inspirational Judy James as the guest speaker.
  • We identified the main rumours about intimate health from qualitative research and dispelled them in a Myth buster quiz which we hosted on
  • We sought out 10 university student bloggers and encouraged them to blog about intimate hygiene by sending them Stay Fresh Freshers packs
  • We encouraged women to praise people in their lives who have helped them the most via a #SheHelped social engagement campaign
  • We asked 10 parental bloggers to share experiences of talking to their daughters about intimate health, engaging over 100,000 women in Mummy conversations


  • The campaign got 150,000 women talking about intimate health
  • Search rankings increased by 125%, increasing web visits by 233%
  • The campaign (in conjunction with ATL activity) grew the category by 3.2% with Canesten sales up by 6.2%.



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