This week, we caught up with our Green Team to get some tips on how to work in a more environmentally friendly way.

Tell us a little bit about what the Green team has implemented in the past few months and what does the scheme aim to do?

Thursday 1st November was World Vegan Day and to mark it, MediaCom hosted a vegan market in the atrium with food, treats and beauty products. Recent studies have found that eating less meat and dairy is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental footprint so World Vegan Day was a perfect opportunity to set the wheels in motion.

Friday 21st September was Zero Emissions Day – to the occasion, Bloomberg come in to talk to us and we accompanied it with a pledge wall and a computer monitor audit.

    • Only 41% of our monitors were switched off that Monday night which was down from 55% after Green Week.
    • Out of all the small changes that you could make to reduce your energy use, this is one of the quickest and easiest to make and sustain.

Do you feel you have helped MediaCom lower their carbon footprint through the scheme so far?

Yes! In particular, at the end of last year we introduced reusable water bottles for every employee in the agency.

    • The year before, MediaCom bought 255,000 plastic cups (2,295kg), many of which are only used once.
    • All of the new bottles in total are only 77kg of plastic and they can be reused over and over again.

We also spoke to senior staff in the agency about making pledges to inspire the wider company. One example of this was Victoria Appleby, a Managing Partner who pledged to use her reusable cup for coffee every day. When we followed up to hear how Vic was getting on, she said she was enjoying the pledge. She bought a cup she really likes and noticed that it was much better at keeping her coffee warm, not to mention the environmental impact it’s having!

Does being a member of the Green Team have any challenges?

Yes – often it feels like we could always be doing more. However, we all work hard and it can be a challenge balancing our time.

What are the simple steps we can all take to help MediaCom become more green?

There are so many easy ways to become more green which really doesn’t take a lot of effort at all. For example, switching monitors off before you go home, turning off the radio each night, avoiding printing when it’s not necessary and using paper bags instead of plastic

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