Investment Executive, Brooke Fenton-Soman shares her journey as a MediaCom apprentice.

Before joining MediaCom, I studied English Literature, Classical Civilisation and Film Studies for my A Levels. I then went on to study Interior Design for two years.  After I finished my Design course I decided that I wanted to go travelling. This was the perfect break I needed, and I spent the next two years going wherever the wind took me. I started off in Cuba and ended in Gambia.

When I finally decided to come home I knew that I wanted a start my career. The only problem was that I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to work in an upbeat environment that was constantly changing. I went onto the website and found MediaCom’s Media Executive apprenticeship. I read through the roles and responsibility and thought, ‘that sounds like something I’d like to do.’ I then went through the application process and came to the assessment day. I remember sitting in the bar listening to Nancy Lengthorn give the introduction and thinking ‘this is definitely somewhere I want to work.’

My first rotation was working in Ad Operations which is similar to small scale campaign management. This included making sure all activity was booked correctly and went live on time, building and updating reports that would later be sent to the client and making sure all the financials for the campaign was billed correctly. Throughout all my rotations I was able to take up any and every internal or external training opportunity that interested.

What I enjoy most about MediaCom is all the internal events and opportunities they offer. It’s not uncommon for talks to be held in either the bar or the theatre. These talks offer you a little break from your desk and some insightful knowledge on an array of different topics, from monumental changes in the industry to talks on the unconscious bias. MediaCom has a lot to offer not only career-wise but also from a personal development perspective and I look forward to growing within the company and taking part in their many events and opportunities.

MediaCom’s next round of apprenticeship applications is now open. Follow this link for more information and to apply:

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