On Tuesday, the SEO team up on the 5th floor were joined for the day  by Sue Unerman, the Chief Transformation Officer.  Sue spent the day with us as part of the Back to the Shop Floor  initiative which rolls out across the business, providing teams the opportunity to interact with ExCo and senior management, as they in turn spend a day on the front line experiencing the reality of day to day.

Cary and Lara taking Sue through our exciting Performance Content offering

The day was a real success; it saw Sue back navigating the choppy waters of multi-agency client meetings, assessing our product positioning and development strategy, brainstorming mattresses, pets and of course Canesten; and ending on a thoroughly insightful Q&A with the whole team.

The day gave us some clear actions and further development opportunities to pursue as a business.

I would urge everyone to snap up the opportunity to get involved here and Sue, you would be welcome back with us any day! We have plenty of SEO vacancies, details of which can be found via JobVite for all!

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