We’re a positive bunch in MBA. After all, MBA is the acronym for MediaCom Beyond Advertising. A big part of what we do is to provide solutions for the challenges that newer media and channels bring, by combining our creativity with our tech savvy.

And what could be more optimistic than looking at the future, and being constantly excited at the ways things are developing, than that?

Yes, the world is increasingly complex and to have any hope of managing it, you need to employ an incredibly diverse skillset. But we prefer to regard this challenge with the attitude that, well, it just means there’s a lot out there for us to be passionate about.

We dote on data and crush on creativity. Digital? We dig it all.

But most of all, we adore ideas.

Ideas are the foundations of all innovation and all content that makes a difference. So we encourage them and celebrate them and share them. Ideas are funny things – like rabbits, the more you have, the more they multiply.

Which brings me to the MBA Roll.

It’s just a roll of brown paper wall mounted in our office. On this roll we put up ideas – usually quotes, diagrams or statements. The only qualification is that we need to like them and they should lead to other ideas that are relevant to who we are and what we do.

They’re thought starters really.

After a few days that post is discarded and replaced with a new idea.

We like how it’s not a medium you’d normally associate with us. It’s not data-smart, tech-savvy or digital. It’s just disposable packing paper, fixed on a real-life, analogue, bricks and mortar wall. That’s because we always try to talk to people where they are, finding the right places to communicate with them, with the right message for the occasion, to connect with them in an engaging way.

It’s not a big thing. But it’s fun and it helps remind us to put new ideas in every day.

Playfulness is important, because the best ideas connect through remaining flexible, light and lateral. But creating great ideas, that is something we are deadly serious about.

To see all of the quotes so far, visit MBA’s Tumblr page here.


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