With over 60 programmatic specialists, we are established as a leading agency partner for driving results through programmatic media and our diverse range of ambitious clients means that we have seen it all.

We have not only solved most challenges that programmatic can present in established channels of display, in-app and video, but also deftly researched, explored and conquered emerging programmatic channels and media sources, such as Digital Out-of-Home and Connected TV. This experience means that we can quickly guide clients to the best solutions without having to go through the learning curves experienced by early adopters in the industry.

Our core services/products

Due to the emerging importance of the programmatic technologies across the last decade, we have invested heavily in both acquiring the top minds, and building our proprietary technology to support activations, which have included machine learning functions, bespoke creative solutions, and beta projects (such as with Clear Channel).

Trading Power
We benefit from GroupM’s trading power, even in a biddable programmatic environment. We have unique access points to media, often at better rates through GroupM’s Supplier Marketplace and demand higher quality standards for the inventory than the rest of the industry. Via GroupM and WPP, we have access to pooled agency technology and product partners, such as Xaxis and Finecast, helping us to better achieve client goals.

Centralised and Enriched Audience Data
Our core vision is to align your organisation around a compelling audience proposition, designed to drive greater appeal and better serve the needs of consumers of today and tomorrow.  To achieve this, we organise our data around your audiences, unifying your brands view and its suite of products.

Strategic Insight and Planning
We look to understand, size and prioritise your audience opportunities using 1st Party (CRM, Adobe) 2nd party ([m]Platform) and 3rd party data (e.g. Google, Experian, Live Panel) that will ultimately score your audiences and their behaviour, all in real-time, identifying key signals and segments.

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Heads of Department

Graham Field, Head of Digital, Graham.Field@mediacom.com

Research and Insight