Research and Insight

It’s easy to assume that everyone is just like us and that they’re ready and waiting to hear our messages. Real Word Insight (RWI) is MediaCom’s research and insight division and we like to think about people as people, not just consumers that we count and measure, but living, breathing beings with hopes and dreams, pet peeves and party tricks.

We’re curious about people, and what makes them tick – what gets them up in the morning, what keeps them awake at night, how brands can make peoples’ lives better, easier, happier.

In a complex world with so many demands on our time and energy and so many messages fighting for our attention, we help identify opportunities for our clients to develop more meaningful connections with people. We work closely with our planners to translate our insights into action, making sure that planning at MediaCom is grounded in real world insight.

Our core services/products

Audience Insights
We uncover deep insights into our clients’ audiences. Whether identifying a new source of growth through audience segmentation or getting granular insights into an audience through cutting edge qual techniques, we identify the insights that can inform strategy and deliver growth for our clients.

Decision Journeys
Granular journey research to help unlock growth at each stage of the consumer journey.

Campaign Learnings
We have a suite of evaluation tools to help our clients understand whether their campaigns have delivered on the brand objectives.

Digital Insights
We have a range of techniques and services that can provide insight into how your audiences are behaving and communicating online.

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Head of Department

Pauline Robson, Head of Real World Insight,