MediaCom launch Connected Kids Trend Watch 2018 – Streaming Supremos

Here at MediaCom, we have a whole division dedicated to research: Real World Insight. Connected Kids is our youth insight offering, and every year we publish a ‘Trend Watch’ report which tracks the media habits of UK kids aged 8-19. October saw the launch of our 2018 report.

Highlights show that nearly half of all teens say they currently watch on-demand TV most often, but it is pre-teens who are driving the huge surge in on-demand viewing. As this on-demand viewing has increased, so has TV viewing on mobile, with 35% of teens regularly watching TV or films on their phones.

In line with the changing nature of content consumption, Josh Krichefski (CEO of MediaCom UK), said that “the way in which teens view their favourite content online is almost unrecognisable even from five years ago”. With only 6% of children who now don’t have access to an on-demand service, the persona of teen consumers is changing to embody more independent media habits and attitudes.

To view the full report, please click here.

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