Connected Kids 2017 Report

The Connected Kids Trend Watch report is conducted at the end of every year and tracks the media habits and attitudes of kids and teenagers across the UK aged 8-19. Now in its third year, Trend Watch has monitored longer term youth trends and identified emerging habits and behaviours.

The report deep dives into the media that kids and teens are consuming and how they are consuming it over time, with a focus on how and where brands and advertising fit in, as well as recommendations regarding how to successfully engage this ever evolving audience. Other topics include spending habits and power, e-commerce, online safety, role models, influencers and future aspirations.

To add colour to our quantitative findings, we have incorporated qualitative insight from our own panel of teen vloggers. This enables us to place further context and understanding around some of the trickier ‘why?’ questions. This qualitative insight has been included throughout the report in vox-pop format.

To access the full report, please click here

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