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#VOLUNTEERBUZZ: Barnbus Homeless Charity

#VOLUNTEERBUZZ: Barnbus Homeless Charity

This year the Barnabus Homeless Charity has reached an incredible milestone of 25 years in the business providing help and support to people who don’t have an address. The charity itself relies heavily on donations with no help from the government.

As part of our Benefacto Volunteering Scheme, MediaCommers get one day per year to volunteer in the community. Benefacto partner with a number of charities and we can choose a charity that means something to each of us, to work with for the day.

Some of us decided to go along to Barnabus to be part of what they do on a daily basis – and it’s pretty incredible.

On arrival, we met Andy the manager and we were taken inside to meet the rest of the team, who showed us around. There was a Kitchen, bathroom facilities and a stock room filled with all the essentials, including clothing and toiletries, available to those in need.

As the doors were opened we were each allocated stations whether in the kitchen, helping out in the facilities area upstairs or overseeing the café area.We were met with a number of patrons who would be invited in to the warm, comforting facilities of Barnabus.

I had the opportunity to speak one to one with some of the people who attended that day. Meeting people from all walks of life and hearing different stories and the journey’s they had been on was a real eye opening experience.

I really enjoyed my morning cooking breakfast with the Barnabus team. I met some amazing people who dedicate all their time to this charity and make a real difference in people’s lives. To be able to offer my time to help and to hopefully improve live’s in some small way was incredibly rewarding.

“While volunteering it made me forget about my troubles and focus on what really matters in life. It made me realise how fortunate we are to have the necessities we often take for granted”

Sally Al Nasser, Junior Designer

“I started at MediaCom on Tuesday, and then on the following Friday we went out volunteering. Was I surprised? Yep. Was I nervous? Yep. Should I have been? No! Volunteering with Barnabus was very memorable and rewarding. I got to meet many amazing volunteers and incredible people that Barnabus serves. I was volunteering in the kitchen and definitely look forward to volunteering again. Everyone should give it a try.”

Eliza Whyman, Junior Designer

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