Quality first

Last year, programmatic presented key questions and challenges around the quality of media available in the digital ecosystem. This trend will continue in 2018 with viewabilty and brand safety staying front of mind.

Quality cannot be achieved through technology alone. Relationships are equally as important.  It is the strength of relationship with both tech and media partners that will deliver quality at scale.

Industry initiatives, such as Ads.txt, have highlighted the need for the programmatic leaders to come together to drive best practice across the market. There will be a continued push to further establish routes to quality across tech, media and data.

Trading models continue to evolve

Back in the early 2010’s RTB was everything in programmatic. Whilst this architecture will always be central to the continued growth, there are other routes to market that are just as necessary and providing a more secure route for brand spend. Private Market Place (PMP’s) and guaranteed buys through programmatic platforms will transition from an option to the core route to buy in 2018.  All of which supports our continued drive to quality across programmatic buys.

Consistent consumer IDs and ‘people-based marketing’

The cookie has been the backbone of digital for a long time and will continue to be so for a while yet. However, consumers don’t just use one device when online and this will be the year that a consistent consumer ID will make for more effective planning and execution of programmatic.

This could be achieved through avenues like Google, [M] Platform, a DMP or others such as the Advertising ID Consortium. The process could also see wider partnerships made on both the supply and demand side. These will involve those willing to share data and IDs (sourced, stored and shared correctly) who see real benefits in having an increased insight into consumers, and increased scale in those available to target.

There will be acronyms

Cynics have in the past described programmatic’s role in the industry as a random generator of acronyms and confusing terms. DSP, SSP, RTB, Ads.txt, 1st Price/ 2nd price auctions, DMP, PMP, Deal ID, Floor price are just some examples.

While this year will be no different, our reputation for creating acronyms springs from the best intentions. Programmatic constantly evolves to answer key challenges, whether delivering new capabilities or helping fix existing problems. However, when it comes to acronyms and terms, we as an industry must sort the wheat from the chaff. They must be in focus and deliver clear outcomes.

And that’s before we even mention AI which has already been widely adopted across programmatic technologies in 2017.

Programmatic everywhere

Programmatic will continue to be the backbone of its historically successful channels such as display, VoD, native and others. However, this year expect big strides to be made into more traditional channel. 2018 will be the year we’ll see true multi-channel programmatic.

Programmatic is going to bring even more opportunities in this multi-channel world, it’s served its apprenticeship in display and now it’s time for it to grow up.   We are proud that Mediacom’s DOOH trading desk is already leading this charge.


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