Tech will be first at the party

This year, artificial intelligence along with augmented reality and facial recognition will all become much more relevant to events. They will be used not only to enhance events but also on occasion to take the leading role

We’ll see facial recognition technology used more frequently to measure consumers’ emotions when they’re attending an event. This will provide measurement on an emotional level that has not previously been possible. Virtual reality is already a considerable force and will continue to dominate. Consumers will increasingly be able to experience small and large scale events and experiences, at any time, from any location, in any form. Last year, Fanta’s The 13th Floor VR Halloween experience in Thorpe Park and Westfield let consumers enter a crashed lift and experience a frightening virtual journey to the 13th floor to attend a Halloween party. Experiences will draw more deeply on technology in similar ways to entice guests to engage with their brand and cut through competitive live experience.

Bring me brand experiences

The demand for authentic and immersive experiences that take consumers into other worlds or places will grow significantly this year. Brands will look to create experiences like the Jack Daniel’s ‘Meeting Place’ where guests won tickets to a Tennessee-themed pop-up with live music, classic whiskey cocktails and southern barbecued food. Jack Daniels collaborated with the London Cocktail Club, Zelman Meats and Mother Clucker with events in London, Birmingham and Glasgow. The experience brought the Honky Tonk-style clubs and bustling bars of Nashville to vivid life for people here in the UK. Experiences of this kind will allow consumers to really participate with brands and create a powerful emotional relationship. Whether creating an immersive experience through technology or bringing to life another world with incredible set dressing and production, it’s going to be a truly exciting year for brand experiences.

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