Three themes in AV have stood out through 2018: collaboration, experience, and evolution.

Let’s play together

We need to level the playing field against digital giants, taking advantage of our uniquely safe environment. Research shows that TV and cinema complement each other, especially when advertisers are setting KPIs against brand-building metrics. Exploiting the brand-safe environment where consumers watch movies, using cinema to drive incremental coverage in collaboration with TV, just makes sense. It is also important we collaborate within individual media channels. That did happen when UK TV broadcasters worked together to help strengthen Thinkbox’s voice in regards to the Big TV Festival and the Broadcaster VOD breakfast, to broadcasters in the UK
forming alliances with European counterparts who share similar content values. TV broadcasters must continue to work together to combat the global threat from online video streaming services. TV is the safest place to advertise, the content is the greatest it has ever been, and it still commands big audiences. The competition from streaming is a good thing. It drives broadcasters to be better and new CEOs at ITV and C4 are pushing their businesses to rise to the challenge, no doubt making some interesting decisions along the way. Whether you’re an HFSS brand, gambling client or FMCG, you need brand safety assurances – and TV offers that assurance, delivering peace of mind and proven ROI to advertisers’ businesses.

It’s all about the experience

This year will be great for consumers. As tech advances and production hits stride, viewers will be able to experience content with deeper connections. Not only is the content being planned truly exciting, this year more consumers than ever will improve the quality of technology they use to view it. TV screens are getting bigger and cinema screens are improving as people seek out the best experience. Then there is 3D’s bigger brother – Virtual Reality – which will further heighten the consumer’s experience, thanks to more improved and affordable tech. In the second half of this year we will see increased uptake of VR devices. These will let advertisers engage with their audiences in new and exciting ways, whether it’s at home in front of a TV or at 4DX cinema screens. The World Cup seems to be an obvious place for this to take off and become a real platform to build on.

Breaking new ground

Sky AdSmart launched in 2013, offering advertisers a ground-breaking opportunity and sowing the seeds for the evolution of Addressable TV at scale in 2018. Bigger, clearer and smarter TVs have started arriving in an increasing number of homes, as tablet penetration in the UK has flattened for the first time. In fact, in 2017 44% of TV series were viewed digitally and, you’ve guessed it, the device of choice was the TV set. That’s as much as 71% of total content when looking at Broadcaster players (OFCOM 2017), creating a new opportunity for advertisers. Addressable TV means we can use the medium in a very different way by offering unique targeting opportunities through the main screen. We can now combine linear TV (where wastage is still a threat to a brand’s success) with addressable online viewing, helping to increase coverage and strengthen engagement with audiences in brand-safe environments. This year, we can celebrate collaboration and enjoy the great content being made, and we can enjoy doing so on the best screens available to us.

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