Radio’s run of good health has continued into 2018 with industry revenue tipped to rise by around 4%. New technology advances and partnerships will help audio advertising become more personalised. The year will also offer exciting World Cup partnership opportunities involving audio.

Revenue growth will continue

Radio saw some record revenues in 2017, with stations at 100%+ capacity and most major sponsorships attracting buyers. Brands’ investment in digital audio accelerated, a trend that will continue into next year supported with plentiful opportunities for innovation. The market shows no sign of slowing and we predict continuing demand for both radio and digital audio.

Technology will support innovation

Products like DAX and Xaxis audio are continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of the technology behind developments like Listener Insight ID, 3D audio and dynamic creative. As a result, the barriers between localisation and personalisation continue to fall. Podcasts are having a massive resurgence off the back of the digital audio market growth and seem to be the hottest thing at present with companies such as DAX, Acast and Audioboom leading the way. The rapid uptake of smart audio devices, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, is giving advertisers new platforms in homes. The growing online music market – which we expect to be worth around £11bn by 2020 – is offering exciting opportunities for messaging via connected devices. The entertainment and media markets have been the first to adopt these connected technologies and new radio and digital partnerships have been emerging. For example, Entertainment News recently agreed to a partnership to serve advertising on Amazon Echo, adding additional scale to their 10m weekly adult listeners.

talkSPORT have world cup opportunities

Clients will enjoy valuable opportunities to be involved with the FIFA World Cup, as most partnerships are being sold in the radio market. The excitement and interest generated by the matches will provide a great playground for brands to innovate and get involved.

This will be the first major sporting event to be broadcast by talkSPORT since it was acquired by News Corp back in September 2017. Its newly combined expertise covering both radio and print will help leverage innovative integrated cross-media strategies for brands.

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