Mobile: Access, Participation, Social

Access, participation and social are core attributes that enable mobile to enhance or tap into consumer passions.

People who are passionate about a sport, band, game or film want access to the latest information  or content 24/7. The smartphone offers this exact kind of constant connectivity: it’s the last thing switched off at night, the first thing checked in the morning  and it is rarely more than two feet away from the owner.

British broadcaster Sky has been a pioneer  in this area with the launch  of its Sky Go mobile  app, enabling  fans to watch sport live on their mobile devices. For the launch  of the Sky Go app, MediaCom targeted  sports fans using geo-targeted mobile messages to tap into fan interests  when they are at their height: during the games themselves. The ability to access exclusive content  at the exact “moment of passion” prompted  five million streams  among consumers in the first three weeks at launch.

The mobile platform offers a way to motivate deeper, more immersive  consumer  participation by virtue of its ever increas- ing and often unique technological attributes.

The features built into smartphones today includes location detection, image and video capture/distribution, social media integration,   audio   playback,   voice   recognition/control   and near  field  communication  (NFC),  to  name  just  a  few.  All of these services mean that participation can be not only more immediate,  but  also  multi-sensory,  resulting   in  a  more rewarding fan experience.

According  to the Interactive  Advertising  Bureau, 56% of people watching  the  Super  Bowl in the  U.S.  this  year  planned  to use mobile during  the game  to access  game  stats, find information within Super Bowl apps, post game-related social media updates and photos and discuss the event live with other fans.

Think  about   consumer   passion   as  glue.  Today,  people   who attend  concerts, football matches  or conferences  connect  for a short period of time, thanks  to temporary  geographic proximity and shared interests  with other like-minded people.

But in the future, mobile will generate connectivity  long before and  after events  using  social capabilities  to connect  people  in the digital social space. Companies such as Zappacosta are developing  smart mobile solutions that connect event wristband passes  to your social profiles. Each time you enter  an event  or pass  a kiosk,  the  wristband  triggers  an  automatic  message  or photo push to your social profile, seamlessly connecting the real and digital worlds via mobile.

Some believe that this kind of application underpins a consumer “interest graph” (as opposed  to “social graph”), but we think it’s going  to  produce  something more  akin  to  a “passion  graph”, with mobile at the core.

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