Blink #1 The Mobile Issue: Introduction

Every CEO worth his salt has his brightest minds on the case. The challenge for those trying to provide an answer is that digital changes everything a company does...

As the internet has become an integrated part of our business, communication and marketing through anywhere, anytime access, the question has simply become less relevant in the same way that electricity powers every aspect of our business, increasingly so does the internet. And yet, no one’s asking: “what is your electricity strategy?” it’s difficult to put a precise date on when this change occurred but sometime near the end of this decade, digital ceased to be distinct. It became, for those lucky enough to have it, like clean, water at the switch of the tap.

It hasn’t happened everywhere yet, but certainly in developed markets and the more affluent parts of countries such as india, China and Brazil, digital can be classified as an essential service. Without it our lives and our businesses would simply not function in the same way.

The challenge of adapting to this new reality is huge, and much of the adjustment will be in the area of mobile. Globally, mobile internet access is set to grow 66% by 2013. In the uk, for example, it will become the most common way to go on the web by 2015.

This first global edition of Blink is dedicated to all things mobile and what it means for businesses. We aim to provide guidance on some fundamental issues: does the humble handset represent a medium in its own right? Is it simply a pipeline for the web? Or should we regard it as a new distribution platform? Our policy is that Blink should be an open forum for the most interesting experiences, profiles and analysis, so we’ve collated points of view by various insightful observers to give you a fully rounded view of the world of mobile.

I hope you enjoy Blink. Let me know what you think.

Stephen Allan

CEO, MediaCom Worldwide

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