Many brands try to connect with consumer passions, but it’s tricky. You have to be very specific. They ‘like’ football or they ‘like’ music but real people don’t just like football, they are mad about Manchester United, they love playing  Fifa 2012 on Xbox or they are aficionados of Hip Hop.

There will always be a broad audience that is vaguely interested in sport or music, for example, but the most important people are those who are truly passionate. For  brands  that  want  to  connect,  it is these  subgroups that  hold  the  key to engagement.

Brands need to make the journey  from generic interest to precise passion.

The cross fertilisation of passions
And none of us is passionate about only one subject; all of us have multiple interests. Media research is characterised by the search for such overlaps. Are viewers of HBO in the US more likely to buy whisky? Do regular Chinese Weibo users download more apps? Are German football fans more interested in Audi or VW vehicles?

The overlaps can sometimes be surprising and show the way to alternative engagement or very specific target groups.

People show their interests on Facebook and that can be analysed. An analysis will show that 21 times more Black Sabbath fans like Tony Hawk, 27 times more Whitney Houston fans like Serena  Williams and 9 times more fans of Whitney like Miami Heat. 4 times more fans of Adele like Chicago Bulls (all affinities are measured against the Facebook base.)

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