Loewe: A Matter of Personality

Loewe was challenged to find a new communications approach for its new product line - the Connect ID. How could we articulate its premium brand values to a broader audience?

Loewe is a premium brand within the competitive and price-focused Hi-Fi TV category. Since 2003, Loewe has managed to strengthen its premium position by owning a list of very clear and unique brand values: minimalistic design, meaningful innovation and exclusive individuality. But for customers to fully understand these values, they must be expressed at every point of contact.

2160 ways of telling: “This is me”
In 2012, the company launched a new smart TV product line called Connect ID, with the objective of reaching a larger audience. It was crucial that Connect ID’s lower prices not denigrate the company’s core values, so Loewe promoted the new line as offering the consumer 2160 ways to design the Connect ID television so it expresses the buyer’s own style and personality.

The product is the star and so is the customer
In addition, an exceptional customer experience in flagship stores and specialist retailers is a Loewe hallmark.

How could the concept be extended to new channels selling Connect ID?

The answer was to look at other occasions in the shopper’s life when he is passionate about pursuing objects of beauty – objects that reflect his own personality – and associate Connect D with those moments.

Pictures at an exhibition
Research revealed that art browsing and buying  provided  such  opportunities, so Loewe began  looking for an art partner that  reflected its own values while also reinforcing Connect ID’s lower pricing.

LUMAS Galleries was that partner.

LUMAS offers museum-quality art photography at price levels more accessible to  a  broader (particularly younger) audience. Likewise, LUMAS galleries and exhibitions are presented with the greatest of care, and the art buyer receives advice on how to personalise his purchase. It was the perfect combination for Connect ID.

To create buzz, Loewe invited specialty retailers and a group of consumers to special LUMAS events in select German cities.  A broader swath of consumers was also invited via regionally-targeted online campaigns created by MediaCom.

The online activity drove overall interest in the events while enabling consumers to self-select and register for the exhibitions.

Integrated brand communication of its own
The reaction from both consumers (particularly those found through the online campaigns) and nationwide and international press was overwhelmingly positive.

Loewe was credited with creating a unique connection between Connect ID and a seemingly unrelated  life experience – art buying – at a time consumers would be in a state of mind to appreciate beautiful things that helped express their own personalities (at an affordable price). The opportunity to get competent and credible advice was specifically pointed out as a “new and most welcomed value.”

Consequently, Loewe has extended the idea of getting the best of both worlds into its next Connect ID communications campaign, establishing collaboration with high-end German magazines and Internet portals.

Together with its partners – Philipp & Keuntje, MediaCom and Brandoffice – Loewe once again proved its ability to not only promote innovation and individuality, but to also break new ground in the home media and entertainment system category.

Premium positioning, indeed.

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