How Close is Your Relationship?

Brands need to be closer than ever to their consumers, but are we taking all possible steps to understand, interact and engage? Answer these questions to find out if your brand communications are fit for purpose.

1. When was the last time your brand conducted a social media listening study?

a. In the last three months
b. In the last six months
c. Never

2. Have you optimised your website for mobile?

a. Yes, for Android and Apple
b. I think so
c. What website?

3. How much do you know about your most profitable consumers?

a. We hold regular, exclusive events for our biggest spenders
b. I think they like us on Facebook
c. We have their credit card details

4. What incentives do you offer consumers to join your digital community?

a. Money off vouchers, bespoke content and invites to meet the team events
b. Money off deals
c. Business is about commerce not community

5. Can customers return online purchases in-store?

a. Of course and we give them a voucher for free postage next time
b. No, it’s too difficult for our internal IT system to tie the two together
c. All online sales go through affiliates

6. What media channel is the most important for reaching your target audience?

a. They all work together and are planned as whole
b. Online spend has just hit 10% but TV is still the strongest medium
c. We plan our TV and then see what money we have left

7. How many of your staff can interact with consumers?

a. All our staff are empowered to tweet and post on social networks within clear guidelines
b. We have an intern who tweets for us
c. The people who work in store do that for us

8. When did you last create some content?

a. We’ve got a rolling programme of content and events
b. We run an event once a year and then try to spin it out for as long as possible
c. The ad agency posts our commercials on YouTube

9. What are your customers really passionate about?

a. We know they love sports so we sponsor matches and give them the chance to meet their heroes
b. We hope they are passionate about our products and services
c. I don’t care as long as they buy my stuff

Who are you?

Mostly As: Congratulations, you are a ready-for-action 2012 marketer. To stay up-to-date your focus should be on content and possibilities of 4g mobile.

Mostly Bs: You are a Millennium marketer. You’re moving in the right direction but still have a way to catch up. Real World Insights can help ensure that your communications keep up with the expectations of modern consumers.

Mostly Cs. I know the 1980s are fashionable but this is ridiculous. It’s time to ditch the shoulder pads, get some sneakers and go online. Open or another search engine and type MediaCom. Call us and we will happily assist you in becoming a marketer of the future.

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