MediaCom mixed cutting-edge technology with creative ingenuity to totally cut out inefficient advertising!


Dell’s website had swarms of visitors…but too many were leaving without making a purchase. We needed to find a way to leverage stored data from cookies-which could clearly indicate which products or type of products each shopper was interested in or maybe even intending to purchase-to increase engagement and keep their experience top-of-mind after theyleft the site.


We mixed cutting-edge technology with creative ingenuity to totally cut out inefficient advertising! We drastically improved the customer experience by increasing the relevancy of the advertising message seen by individual users, while minimising wastage and increasing engagement.


In an industry-leading move, we developed a model that merged behavioural targeting technologies capturing prospects’ visit history with dynamic creative tools that built customised messaging. Ads feature products from each consumer’s visit history, keeping them fresh days after visiting Dell’s website.We tagged hundreds of pages within Dell’s site-something few other blue chip advertisers have done-to pinpoint the reason for each visit, based on the products the visitor viewed, searched for, placed in their shopping cart or purchased.

Our model recognised these prospects via a cookie, then retargeted them with customised ads on their next visit to an outside website running Dell advertising. So, if someone placed an Inspiron laptop in their shopping cart but exited before purchasing, that consumer would receive an Inspiron ad later on, for instance, Other visitors might see ads for products they were researching, or be cross-sold on products they had purchased.


  • Our targeting produced outstanding improvements across the board-click through rates, conversion and ROI
  • Online ads with behavioural targeting converted nearly THREE times more than those without behavioural targeting!
  • Behavioural targeted ads account for 42% of Dell’s online impressions…but they drive an amazing 83% of online advertising revenues
  • Behavioural targeting impressions generate almost SEVEN times more revenue per impression served than non-targeted impressions
  • Online ads with behavioural targeting had a 70% higher click-through rate

This campaign also won the US 2010 Creative Media Award for the Performance Media &
Marketing category.

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