From connected cars and quantified self, to real-time offers and "the internet of things", connectivity is shaping our lives.

Though winter is long past, many of us are still feeling the lasting effects of our trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this past January.

Since its first appearance in 1967, CES has represented the evolution of modern technology itself. From the appearance of the first VCR at CES 1970 to the camcorder in 1981 and the Commodore 64 home computer in 1982, the show has become universally known as THE place to see the newest, hottest and most amazing tech wizardry.

So when we arrived in Las Vegas (along with about 150,000 other international attendees), we were ready for technological magic.

But as we walked the floor and spent time with clients, analysts and partners, we discovered a show that was less about cutting-edge technology and more about the lives of consumers.

Indeed, the “Internet of Things” was on full display at CES, where even the plants communicated with iPhones via Bluetooth. From washing machines to automobiles to thermostats, an unbelievable number of consumer electronic products are integrating wirelessly.

How fast will it happen? Check out a couple theories inĀ The Converged Home. And while we may be able to debate the velocity of change, Rob Norman (The Internet of Things) posits, “It won’t really be up to us. We can’t opt out of consumption and we can’t prevent progress toward intelligence.”

As marketers, what we can and must do is speak more authentically with highly connected consumers (Brand Connectivity), knowing that our targeting models will have to stay fluid (Take Me to Your Leader) in a world where the path to purchase now looks more like a pretzel than the old-school funnel we’ve all come to know (Don’t Get Lost on the Consumer Journey).

In the end, we’ll have to resist shiny objects, look for true benefits and innovate both for ourselves and our customers.

Stephen Allan

MediaCom Worldwide Chairman and CEO

The Internet of Things
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